Monday, September 8, 2008

Blog Candy Time!!

I haven't done any Blog Candy for a while and I thought I would since I have a couple of "extra" items that could use a new home! Yes - shopping without my book again!!

So over the next little while I'll be doing Blog Candy giveaways - no schedule, no plan, no warnings - you'll just have to pop in or subscribe to find out about them.

Many people may ask - What is Blog Candy and why do Bloggers do it?

Blog Candy can be anything that anyone wants to give away.
Some bloggers do this to boost their hits, increase their memberships etc... I don't really see the benefit of that (it's not like I get paid per hit or anything and it's an inflated amount of visitors so not very helpful for traffic monitoring) but I like to do it to reward or "treat" my blog readers who check in with me regularly even though I've not been posting much lately!

So enough chit-chat and on to the CANDY!!!

Here's what's up for grabs:

This is one of the new Cuttlebug embossing folders called Floral Screen.

This giveaway is open to EVERYONE.

Please leave a comment to be entered in my Blog Candy giveaway and tell me where you're from (City, Country you live in now) and also what else besides papercrafts stuff you collect.
The winner will be drawn by random on Sunday, Sept 14th and posted on Monday morning.
Me....I have a bit of a PURSE problem!
I can't help myself...I think that I inherited this from my mom. She used to have matching purses and shoes and sometimes hats in every colour!

While back to school shopping I bought myself 3 new purses -

a Rust one

a RED one

and a HUGE Black Patent Tote!

I know those of you who know me will be scratching their heads and going - What?

Because I usually carry the same black purse around and very rarely change it.

I told you it was a problem....

ps. the purses are not part of the Blog Candy giveaway...


  1. Hi Marie! I am in Wainwright, Alberta and I don't collect anything. I do love little books of poetry or prose to sit on my coffee table with my mini books, so whenever I see one I like, it follows me home! :)

  2. Sweet Candy Marie! Well, even though we haven't officially met in person.....(maybe at copic college coming up) I think you know who I am and where I'm Love the purses! I can see why you love them! I like to collect's a real problem as anyone can see when they walk into the kids family room. The mile of VHS and now DVD boxes. Scary really. I need help.

  3. ooohhh I have never seen that one before, but I could sure put it to good use:)
    My name is Trace, and I live in altona, MB(about 7 mins from the us border)
    and I collect sneakers, tv dvd box sets and anything pink.

  4. Hi there! love the give away & cute bags! I'm in SW WA state & other than crafty goodness, I am currently collecting new smiles & coos from my baby boy

  5. Hey Marie. I don't collect anything. I'm in Airdrie, Alberta.

  6. I am from Palmdale, CA !!
    I collect Candy Molds I love making candy!

  7. Oh darn, and here I was all excited when I saw the purses. Are you sure you need three new ones? ;)

    I'm in North Delta, and I collect craft supplies ;)

  8. Hi Marie,

    great candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I love your purses.
    I don't collect anything (only stamps, stamps and stamps)
    I live in Mechernich, it`s near to cologne, germany.

  9. Hi Marie - the blog candy lured me out of 'lurk' mode! :) I am in Vancouver, and I collect all things scrap related (especially pp and stamps!), music downloaded from the Internet, and earrings! And photos. Love your blog! :)

  10. Love you new red bag!!!

    I'm in Birmingham, UK and I collect Cuttlebug folders ! Pick Me, Pick Me.

    Serously though I have a large collection of piggies, ornaments and stuffed ones.

    Thanks for the offer of blog candy :)

  11. Hello! I'm Cathy coming from Ashland City, TN in the USA! Love your creative and inspiring projects. Great question and worth answering for this sweet candy. I'm going to say that what I collect are
    T-SHIRTS. Thanks for a chance.

  12. Hey there Marie

    I'm in Fergus, Ontario ... a fellow eastener!
    I also collect purses and other types of bags. LOVE the rust coloured one!!! hmmmmmmm I think I need to go shopping again!!! LOL

  13. I am from Houston Texas. (well a little town near it)

    The other thing I love would be cookbooks!

  14. Hi Marie
    I am from Middletown, NJ. Thats located in Monmouth county.
    I love to collect teapots, and Christmas ornaments.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  15. Great candy---love my cuttlebug.
    I collect fabric even though I have not been sewing as much since I started scrapbooking and cardmaking. I have found that I can copy fabric on my printer onto cardstock and use it in the cardmaking and then still have the fabric to use in quilting.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Love your purses!
    Linda Peterson

  16. Hi Marie

    As you know I check your blog on almost a daily basis. So I thought I'd say "Hi". You know where I'm from so I don't have to bore you with that. I put a Big Shot on my Birthday wish list, so who knows. I have a serious stamp collecting problem at the moment, as well as craft supplies in general and I like to collect Faeries as well.


  17. Hi Marie..
    I am from Vermont and besides
    paper crafting I love to collect
    Snowmen. I love all your new
    purses ( The first one is my
    favorite )
    *Thanks for a chance to WIN :)

  18. Hi Marie! I'm in Fort Wayne, IN and love Copics and Stampin'Up! too.

    Thanks for blogging!

  19. Hey Marie!
    I'm in Woodstock, Ontario.
    I don't collect much besides stamping supplies. Except perhaps kids!! lol! Pregnant with #5!

  20. I'm Stephanie from painesville, Ohio. What haven't I collected. Started with precious momments then beanie babies, and boyds fiurines and treasure boxes.I still collect anything cats or coffee related. Now it's stamps and embellishments.

  21. Hi Marie! I'm in Glasgow, Montana and I collect stamps and stamping supplies!! Go figure!!! LOL! Cute purses!!!

  22. I hate to change purses, too, tho now I just wear a fanny pack as my shoulder can no longer support a purse. I do genealogy and so have a huge collection of old letters, cards and, of course, photos.


  23. Hi Marie...I collect rubber stamps...I live in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin...

  24. Hello, I'm from Belgium. I actually don't collect anything. I wouldn't have space for it also 'cause my closets are full with cardmaking and scrapbooking stuff. Thanks for a chance to win!
    Hugs, Annelies

  25. Hello, I am from Canada, Ontario, St.Thomas. I like buying new cookbooks all the time, not sure if I would call it collecting, but maybe I do..haha

  26. Hi, Marie!

    I am in Quebec City, PQ, and although I don't collect purses myself, I do love the rust one you posted - so cute!!!

    One of my latest obsessions has been shoes. It didn't use to be like that, but lately, shoes have been beginning to pile up by my front door. It all started when Nine West opened up a store in Qc City... People are like, "You're a shoe lover, aren't you?" and I'm like, "Well, I'm a Nine West shoe lover, actually!"

    Like I really needed a new thing to burn money on besides stamps and paper supplies...

  27. I'm in Joliet IL! Does Prison Break sound familiar??(Statesville!)
    I don't know what I collect...that's kind of tough. I guess coffee mugs. They're like kids, hard to pick a favorite! Just depends on the day...or my mood! ;)
    I like your taste in purses!

  28. hello Marie! I'm from Germany and my name is Regina. I collect purses, too and Cuttlebug folders!
    Would love to win this new Cuttlebug folder!

  29. Hi Marie. I am in Ottawa,ON and long before I got into paper crafting , I was collecting orca whales - you name it and I likely have it. My dream is to some day see an orca in real life - preferably in the wild but at a park would be ok too (Marine Land, Sea World etc.) When we moved my husband told me that I could have one whale room. (Before we got married and he moved into my apartment, he said he felt like he was living in a fish bowl). Well, now that never made whale room has become my stamp room and there is no room for all of my whale stuff so I have to figure out a way to convince hubby that I really need another room (the way I see it is that he has the garage AND TWO sheds, so I should get at least two small rooms right? It's only fair! (as one Libra to another, I'm sure you understand)

  30. Collecting? well, a month or 2 ago, I started thinking that I should collect Bluebirds. Weird maybe. then I realized I had a set of salt and pepper shakers that were blue birds so my collect had already started. So it's a small collection with 3 things...but that's part of the fun. Finding what to actually put in the collection.

    I'd love to add that cuttlebug folder to my collection!