Saturday, July 9, 2011

Copic Swatch Book and Work Book

If you are a Copic "user" with a lot of markers then you understand how overwhelming it can sometimes be trying to find the right colour for your projects.

A few years back - when I first started "collecting" my markers - I made myself a swatch book from a file that was shared online. 

It was great for keeping track of all the colours I had and what I "needed".

After the addition of the new colours last year, my book was out of date and so I made myself a new updated one and changed the format to one that worked better for me.

ETA: 08/05/11 I've got a few of these made up and ready to mail out.  Please check out the Copic Reference Booklet page tab at the top of my blog for more information.

As well as updating my Swatch Book I put together a Work Book for myself.  In here I keep all of my stamped and digi images that I've coloured and any blanks I have waiting to be coloured.

If you haven't done this for yourself I highly recommend it!

Until Next Time!


  1. marie - i am looking at your work book. it looks like you have plastic sheets to slide your projects into. what did you use for this? thanks! alice

    1. Hi Alice! I use a cello envelope with a top flap. I cut the top flap off and then just adhere the envelope to the workbook.

  2. Hi Marie. Love this. Do you by chance have one for Spectrum Noir? Also, I'm a member of Kit and Clowder. They might be interested in sharing a post on their club about your book. Contact Alyce if your interested. If I can ever afford to switch to Copic I will get this for sure!!

  3. Do you have the copic swatch booklet available for purchase?

  4. Are you still selling these and how much are they.

  5. Hi Marie, Love your swatch book, is it possible to email me a copy of it? Many Thanks, Lynn

  6. It's been so long since I've worked with my COPICS but I'm hoping to get back into soon and update my reference book.
    I'll post new pics if I do. Happy colouring everyone!