Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OMG! I finally have a Stamp Inventory Catalogue!

I've been accumulating Stampin' Up! stamps for over 8 years.  I quickly ran out of space for all those cases of wood mounted stamps so I started unmounting my stamps and wheels!

Click HERE to see that post.

I now have 11 bins (that hold 32 CD cases each) of Stampin' Up! rubber stamps (mostly retired).

Plus a TON more loose non-Stampin' Up! stamps.

Sadly I wasn't using my stamps because I had no way of knowing what I had in the bins and I didn't keep the image sticker if it was already stuck on the wood block.

So after reading Kate's amazing craft room cleanse journey I decided to tackle these stamps and get myself more organized.

First I sorted ALL my stamps by theme.  Then I created an inventory sheet (in MS Word) for each bin and printed off a duplicate to keep in my new stamp binder.

To create the inventory sheet I scanned the label sheet for the stamp set (for ones I never mounted them on wood blocks) .  If I don't have labels I look for the images on the internet and insert that image (if I'm lucky an image of label sheets) into my document.

If my CD case is missing the image sheet (because it was a mounted stamp set and I threw out the labels stuck on the wood blocks) I print off a larger image or as true to size as possible and put that in the CD case with the stamps.

Here's what my Stampin' Up! stamp inventory page looks like:

Nothing fancy but it gives me an idea of what I've got and where it is!

For my non Stampin' Up! wood mounted stamps I created similiar inventory pages (in the same binder).  I sorted the stamps and put them in snap cases by themes.  I used my labeller to label the theme and then a code on the side of each case. 

I used my printer/copier to copy the top of the case (without taking the stamps out) and I printed out 2 copies.  One for my binder and the other I trimmed and inserted in the stamp case.  This gives me a quick "snapshot" of what's in the case and what should go back in that case.

I can flip through this binder and get a good idea of what I've got and hopefully find what I'm looking for.

Next I'm going to tackle my clear and rubber cling mount stamps!  I just need to inventory them - I've already sorted them and put them in bins (SU!) and binders (non-SU!).

Until Next Time!


  1. Great idea. I know I have accumulated lots of stamps and don't have a clue what I have and don't have for occasions. A great way to create multiple indexes for stamps that can be used in different ways - e.g. Tag stamp and Christmas, or Tag Stamp and Birthday.

  2. Great ideas. I have a similar system for my SU stamps but my others are all left out. I have no clue what I even own anymore.