Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Photos for Stamp Organization

Sheri left a comment asking to see my bins.

So I thought I'd post more photos with less writing....

I use these Martha Stewart CD bins (discontinued) to store my unmounted Stampin' Up! stamps:

I've labelled them (yes I will be redoing the labels) and numbered them - the number corresponds to pages in my stamp binder.

Each bin holds 30 CD cases.

I print off 1 page of stamp images for my stamp binder and
another I fold lengthwise and put in the stamp bin.
If the stamp set in the CD case is missing an image sheet then I print off an enlarged copy of the image and include that in the CD case.  Most of my stamps are older and were missing image sheets!
For my non-Stampin' Up! stamps that are still wood mounted I use a different system.
I keep them in Stampin' Up! snap cases (recycled from my unmounted stamps!)

I labelled them by theme and added a code letter.
I pack the case tightly with stamps!

Keeping the lid on I place the stamp case on my scanner/printer/copier and copy it 2 times.
1 copy is trimmed and included in the case so I know what stamps are in there but  more importantly what stamps need to go back in this case!
The second copy is hole punched, labelled with the case code letter and inserted into my stamp inventory binder.

It's so easy!!

As for my clear polymer and rubber cling mount stamps I use a combo binder & bin system. 
I'll share more of that another day when I finish the inventory!


  1. Thanks so much! My head is spinning with ideas

  2. I LOVE this new blog have you decided whether you'll be keeping it or not....great organization BTW ~ have a great weekend :-)