Monday, January 29, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Don't let the picture of the cozy fireplace fool you. It's going to be a busy week.

I woke up this morning at 4:44 am. I couldn't sleep because I was "dream-thinking" about all I had planned this week. I know I'm not alone in this - everyone seems so busy these days. It's evident when you ask for parent volunteers and it's getting worse every year.

I find it very helpful to write things down. So I write it on my kitchen calendar, my computer calendar and also in my PDA (palm pilot). The only trouble is that I forget to check these things and end up overbooking myself.

This is what my week looks like:

Monday - The gas guy is coming this morning to service the fireplace. The pilot light looks weird and it's making a hissing, spitting sound that reminds me of a scene from Harry Potter. It's trying to say something and that is....service me!
While he's here I've got some school volunteer stuff to do and maybe I'll get to the dreaded "prep" work for my stamp classes this week.
As soon as he leaves I'm off to COSTCO to pick up some Biscotti for a teachers' appreciation recess on Wednesday.

Tuesday - The window/door guy is coming to measure up for a new door where we now have a window. This is part of a "wish list" of things I want to get done on the house this year. One of these days I'll have to post about my "Christmas Wish Book" that my husband gave me and how it's driving me to drink. But back to Tuesday for now....
After the window/door guy leaves I'm off to ICBC to have my husband's car checked out for damage from a fender bender that happened before Christmas. I have an appotintment for 12:45 so I'm hoping that it won't take too long.
I pick the kids up from school at 2:30 & 3:00 and then it's off to the tutor, basketball practice and then soccer practice. We're not back home until almost 9 pm. Tuesday is normally our busiest day of the week!

Wednesday - I have a decorator coming to help mediate in the selection of paint colours. The interior of our house needs painting desparately (it's been 9 years) but my husband is colour blind and opinionated and it's an ongoing battle to pick something that he can actually see and approve of. The last time we painted we had to use someone to help us pick colours!
Wednesday afternoon will be the last opportunity I have to prepare for that evening's cardmaking class at the scrapbook store.

Thursday - This is the day that I do the kids' papercrafting class at the local elementary school during the 25 minute lunch recess. But wait that's not all! Apparently there is a lice infestation at the school and I have been asked to do a lice check. I am experienced at this which is really ironic since neither of my kids have ever had lice (knock wood!). They need moms that will not "freak out" while doing the check. That's what I was told - I guess that's a compliment then that I was asked.

Friday - This is the last day of my busy week and all that I have planned for Friday is - wait for it - my PAP! I recently changed family doctors and this new doctor wants me to have a complete physical and a PAP. I did the physical a couple of weeks ago and I was given a lab req form and a collection folder (which I won't go into). I've started the collection - YUK! - but the lab work is a problem. I'm supposed to fast before I go and I keep forgetting and eat stuff while I'm making the kids' breakfast and lunches!
After school we've got Volleyball clinic and another soccer practice. Then it's on to the weekend!

On top of all this I have to finish my dreaded "prep" work for the both classes, a swap that's due the end of this week (I kind of forgot about it!), more teacher appreciation stuff, I've got to book our Christmas vacation (today!) and all the other household chores that I'm supposed to do.

It's a good thing I got up early then isn't it?

ps. I'll be working on my swap this morning and I'll post the card later.

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