Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nugget Boxes!

Last night I did a little prep work for my class tonight.

I'm doing a Simple Valentine's class at the scrapbooking store. This class consists of 2 cards, a vellum sour cream twist treat container and a Hershey's nugget matchstick box.

I'm making a 3 nugget box for the class tonight but I decided to make more nugget boxes in different sizes so that the class could see how versatile these little boxes are. I made a 2x5 and a 2x8 - the 2x5 is perfect for THANK YOU and the 2x8 is great for HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Just use the AVERY or generic brand labels to print out your message and stamp images lightly on the rest of the label to add some colour.

Once you get past the cutting, the scoring and the folding these little suckers come together pretty fast! I'm getting addicted to them....

I used Basic Grey double sided paper for these. If you're making small boxes it's ok to use a lighter weight cardstock but if you're making the large ones then you need something sturdier like Stampin' Up! or Bazzills cardstock. I haven't added ribbon or finished decorating the 2 bigger ones yet but I'll do that later this morning.

I found the template for these on the internet.
5/20/09 - edited to fix broken link:
Click HERE for a link to some box patterns.
I'm sure that once you've tried these you'll be hooked too!


  1. Marie,

    The boxes are fab! Can you tell us which box template you used for your nugget box?



  2. Sonia I used a variation of the Matchbox Slider.

    You basically just measure what you want to put in the box and then add 1 inch on all four sides - that is if 1/2 inch sides will cover your contents.

    If so, then you score 1/2 inch in on all four sides and then 1/2 inch in again on all four sides.

    Cut out the extra notches at each corner but leave yourself a tab.

    Fold it all in and then use glue dots or double sided tape to put together.

    For the cover you just measure around the first box for the width and then cut to the length.

    I can get 2 of the smaller boxes from a sheet of 12x12 paper. The larger ones use more than 1 sheet of paper and sometimes I coordinate the paper rather than use the same pattern.

    There also are many box templates on the internet too. You can try doing a google search for matchbox and see if you can come up with a template that you can customize for your own use.

  3. Here is another one that gives you better diagram/template that you can modify for your own use.

  4. Wow! Thank so much for the detailed answer Marie!