Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Class Update

Last night's class at the scrapbooking store went really well! It was fun, the timing was perfect for the 4 projects (2 of which are pictured), I received compliments on the projects and my tips, and I even got to lock up the store by myself!

This was the first run-through and I like to use this experience to tweak and improve the class for when I run it again - that would be this Sunday! Not sure how that will go over since it's SUPER BOWL Sunday. So far no one has registerd but who knows come Sunday there may be some women who NEED to leave their homes and stamp!

Today I had the kids' Papercrafts class at my son's school. I've been doing these classes for a while and this will be my 3rd Valentines' year. I've seriously cut back though. In November I did 8 kids' Christmas classes at 2 schools and last year I did 6 Valentine's classes at 2 schools. This year for Valentine's I'm going to cut back to 1 school, 2 classes and a class max of 12 kids. The class today was fully booked and next week's class is too. I used to give the kids incentive stamps as a little thank you but that was getting kind of expensive with so many classes. I thought about door prizes but I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings - these are kids grade 3 to 7. So I decided to pull out my sizzix machine and some dies and punch out fun foam embellishments to give the kids. They LOVED it!

I have some good news regarding the Wish Book. I found out that the doors for the dining room are actually within our budget - the window and door guy came through big time for me! I must remember to take a BEFORE picture and post it becauseI KNOW I'll be doing AFTER pictures.

I've also done a substitution for the cooktop - I'm going to have my living room, dining room and front entrance painted instead. I had a designer come over yesterday to discuss colours and future plans. She gave me some great advice, confirmed some of my colour choices (in other rooms), and gave me some direction for replacing some flooring. I feel like I have a plan now and most importantly - it's do-able! The bestest part though is that my husband AGREES!

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