Monday, February 26, 2007

What's New?

It was another busy weekend in the Kirkwood household with soccer, skating, homework, family time, dinner at the new Sushi place and LAUNDRY!

If you've got a teenage girl then you can probably relate to the laundry frustration that I'm feeling. What is it with this layering fashion trend??? I've got to keep telling my girl that if it didn't touch her skin and it's not dirty/stained she can wear it again. If she just tries it on - she can put it away and wear it again. But no she doesn't get it and the laundry hampers are overflowing again!

So there's NO stamping for me today. As well as laundry I've got my boy home for a PD day and we've got a bunch of chores (laundry included - he's practicing his folding skills) and a school project to work on. It's always hard when one of them gets the day off school - the other one develops mysterious "stomach pains".

I won't get to physically stamp today but that doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about stamping.....

I've taken 2 spots in an Invitation SWAP that Holly Cameron is hosting. I'm really excited about it. Have I told you how much I love to swap? I'm sure I have!

The choices were Engagement, Wedding and Baby themes. I'm doing 2 different Wedding Invitations. I don't have any weddings to go to - at my age most of my friends are already married/divorced and long past the baby having stage. AND we're still young enough that our kids aren't getting married yet nor, God forbid, having babies yet.

I joined this swap to get some ideas for upcoming classes at the store. Shelley, the store owner, tells me we're heading into "Wedding Season" and she wants to offer some classes for brides.

Now personally I don't think the brides will be sitting down and making their own wedding invitations - unless it's a really small wedding. Otherwise there's just too much other stuff to do. But I can see brides making their own placecards, wedding favours and centre pieces.

I'm hoping that this swap will give me some ideas and inspiration (colour schemes and such) to get my creative juices flowing to come up with some class ideas for the "Wedding Season".

I'll post my swap cards when I'm done...I'm thinking Certainly Celery and White and something Silver for the other one!

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