Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Are you a Shoe-Aholic?

I know I'm supposed to be making some calls, draining the hot tub and folding the laundry but I just checked my inbox and found this timely piece of email.

Are you a Shoe-Aholic? It's a sales newsletter from a shoe company searching for Canada's Top Shoe-aholics.

Not only am I a shoe-aholic but I'm raising a shoe-aholic too! My 13 year old daughter was telling me something this morning and she is soooo a shoe-aholic it's not even questionable.

The story goes like this...

Last night I went out for my monthly GNO (girls night out). When I left I asked my family to take out the garden refuse bags. They did and I thanked my husband for getting that done since the collectors come very early on Tuesday mornings. Well he told me that our darling daughter only took 1 (out of 11 bags) out and that she was quite delayed coming out to help.

So this morning on the way to school, being the evil mother that I am, I sweetly thanked BOTH kids for taking out the bags and I pointedly said "ESPECIALLY Sarah". Well that got my son going saying that she only took out 1 bag and took forever to come out.

To which Sarah replied "I had to find the right outfit and shoes to wear before I could help." she giggled and continued "I wore my Penny Loves Kenny metallic gold flats which were just pefect."

And ladies, THAT is a what a shoe-aholic would say...

Here's the quiz. I bet we could start a group!

You have more than 10 pairs of black shoes

You have a "system" for storing shoes in your closet

You buy the shoes before the outfit

Others have expressed concern about your obsession for shoes (they are just jealous)

You have hidden shoes from your partner more than once

You have actually had "shoe dreams"

You forget names, but remember people's shoes

You have a standing pedicure appointment

You know the season's next shoe trends before they hit the stores

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