Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've been Tagged Again!

Thanks to Corinna I've been tagged again!

Here are 7 more things about me (and no I will not tag anyone else):

1. I used to be a tea drinker but recently discovered coffee - more specifically Starbucks coffee. I'm addicted and MUST HAVE a Venti Ice Vanilla Latte every day or I get a headache. It must be something they put in their coffee because I see many of us coffee addicts waiting in line to pay too much $$$ for a cup of coffee.

2. I'm a hoarder. I have way too much craft stuff and not enough time to use it all. Some of the stuff I can't even remember why I bought it.

3. I love to swap. I love to host swaps and I think I'm pretty good at it. My favourite kind of swap right now is a cascading swap - it is not affected by last minute drop outs or additions. Not that I encourage either of them.

4. I've had 2 car accidents in the last 4 months. Both times with my husband's car. We are still married.

5. I'm going to Stampin' Up! Regionals for the first time ever! I'm very excited but feeling a bit anxious because of a family conflict and also I haven't started my swaps yet!!!

6. My husband says I repeat myself. According to my husband I sometimes repeat myself.

7. Sometimes I forget to pick up my kids at school...

Speaking of which I'd better go and get them now!


  1. I am enjoying these tags and learning more fun facts about the bloggers I read ! :)

    I love love love starbucks coffee too- but I just stick to regular plain coffee. I did read or hear that starbucks has a crazy amount of caffeine. I just did a quick google search and I can't believe what I'm reading... I need to do more research now, but... just to let you know starbucks IS like a drug :)

  2. Hope to see you at the regionals. Get at that SWAP would ya! Love your stuff.