Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another One Sheet Wonder Class

Yesterday morning I had another One Sheet Wonder class. This time it was a "private party" organized by my friend, Nancy (who is also a scrapping club member), for a few of her friends.

I swear that these classes are the most popular classes that I offer my customers!

I use patterned paper and the cards are fast and clean (SIMPLE!). The little stamping that we do, is not intimidating at all. I have a problem with some customers whose eyes glaze over when they see all the stamp sets and paraphernalia associated with stamping. I mean glazed over as in overwhelmed!

I wasn't sure how many were going to be at this class so I arranged to hold it at the local scrapbooking store where I teach card making classes. It turned out to be only 4 in attendance so we had a lot of spreading out space. Two of the ladies had stamped before and 2 were "newbies". The "newbies" became hooked immediately and wanted to do more classes!

Here is a sampling of the cards we made using a revised 10 card template.

I actually stamped Curvy Verses on the patterned paper with the birds!

I like to offer suggestions & tips while my guests are assembling their cards. For the last card with the circles, I suggested that an alternative would be to punch out a circle on the yellow card front and place the Riveting piece inside. Only one lady attempted it - the others were more comfortable following the sample!

I know that there aren't 10 cards shown here - there were a couple of designs that we repeated and made 2 of!
ETA: I should tell you that when I do a class like this I usually have the customers pick out their own paper. To make it go more quickly - these are busy ladies who just want to get some cards done and get out - I chose to do a paper variety instead. If you add up all the little bits of patterned paper it equals one sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

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