Saturday, May 12, 2007

I was on TV!!!

That was such a cool experience - I was actually on TV! Did anyone see me yesterday morning on Breakfast Television CITY TV (here in BC) around 9ish?

I thought I would just be on in the background. Even though I was told that I had a time I misunderstood and thought it would just be the time when I would be teaching IN THE BACKGROUND and the host would be chatting to the viewers.

BUT NO! I actually did a one on one 3 minute segment on cracked glass! I only showed how to do the first layer with UTEE and then pulled out some "frozen" samples that were ready to crack (did the old cooking show switch-a-roo to speed things up!). I explained how the card went together and showed my sample but we didn't actually complete the card ON AIR.

I did the triangle trifold card with Petal Prints that I posted earlier this week. It was fun and the host was very nice. She loved the card and even though the segment was over she wanted to continue and finish the card for her mom.

I watched it later with my kids and how funny it was to see and hear myself on TV. I don't like my profile and my voice is very whiny! Why didn't anyone ever tell me that before?

I was also doing something weird with my lips when it first went live - now that I've seen how weird it looks I've got to stop doing that! Whatever it is!

The upside is that my ZIT was not in the shot at all - however I was showing a bit too much cleavage for morning television. My makeup was done nicely (thank goodness I put some on!) and my nails (even though they need a manicure) looked pretty good on TV AND I can't believe how BIG my wedding rings looked! I know the camera adds on 10lbs but I looked like I had a 10 carat ring on!! LOL! It's really only 5 carats!

All in all it was a fun experience - but I don't think I'll get that spot on the View when Rosie leaves!!

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