Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Kids' Mother's Day Class

Next week I'm doing a Kids' Papercrafts & Stamping Class for Mother's Day at 2 local elementary schools.

I only get the kids for 25 minutes during their lunch recess time and so I've had to limit the number of kids per class to 12 and also adapt the projects to make them quick and easy.

The 2 projects that I will be doing with the kids are a coaster Post it Note fridge magnet with pencil and a simple MOM card.

It's a bit eclectic using the new Scenic Drive Marina & Savannah Lockwood Lane papers. I love the colours and patterns in this paper line and also the fact that it's two sided so that siblings can alternate and make slightly different projects.

For the "notes" on the post it note coaster I cheated and used some clear address labels I picked up from the sale section at Staples. I used the WEBSTER font with BOLD in 55 point size.

***Here's a tip ***- Usually in Word processing programs (I'm using MS Word) you get a preset selction of font sizes from 9 to 72.

Did you know that you can simply type in the size you want? For example my sizes for this font show 72 as the largest and then 48 as the next smallest size. 72 is too big and 48 is too small so I just typed 55 in that box and it adjusted the font size for me.

I like to use a sanding block (from the $ store) to round my corners (instead of a corner rounder) and I have a bag full of them for the kids to try. If they goof up then the paper will look more distressed and that's ok too!

I hope the kids like them!

ETA: Heather left me a comment and asked about something I mentioned to her at SU! Regionals. No Heather you are not in la-la-land unless you are overmedicating yourself (Heather has the flu or some virus). I was originally going to make the post it note holder differently and have the pencil on the side with a flower on top to keep it from falling through the loop. BUT I decided to put the loop on the bottom and the pencil stays in very nicely without the flower - keeps the design simple and saves me on flowers and glue dots!


  1. These look terrific...I am sure the kids will love 'em!

  2. AWESOME!! I'll definately have to borrow the post-it note idea! You mentioned something about a way of keeping the pencil from sliding out...or was I just in la-la land? I love the idea about the labels!! You are too clever!
    Thanks for the idea and the visuals!
    Heather L.