Thursday, May 3, 2007

Martha Stewart

There is new Martha Stewart stuff at Michaels.

I've been reading about it all week. I'd read on a blog/post that someone would say they love it and bought a ton. Someone else would say it's nothing new or exciting and didn't buy any. Some others say they hate Martha and won't support her new venture. Etc.... Etc... Etc...

So many mixed reviews. I just had to go check it out myself!

I have to say that the displays are very nice - it almost feels like you've left Michaels and have gone somewhere else when you walk the Martha Stewart aisle.

Some of the stuff is just ridiculous - who'd pay $7 CAD for a paper bag pig puppet??? REALLY! (I'm sorry if I offended any paper bag puppet collectors who may be reading this post. It's just not my thang.)

AND the JUMBO paper and albums - is it 16 x 20 or bigger than that? REALLY!

I don't think my car's big enough to bring that stuff home with me. Just imagine how heavy that would be once you start filling it up with photos, embellishments etc....

You'd need a dolly or something to take it out from wherever you store it. Speaking of which where would you store it? Maybe you could just put some craft boxes underneath and use it as end tables or a couple together for a coffee table? You'd better take out extra home owners insurance. That JUMBO album could crush someone or cut off circulation to their legs if it sat on their lap while you and some small children helped turn the pages. I don't get it...

BUT I have to say that I love the ribbon (I'm a bit of a ribbon addict myself). I love the soft colours with the brown edging and the different colours of herringbone twill and the design of the spool so it doesn't roll away (flat on one side). Ingenius! So of course I had to buy some of that!

The selection of glitter was very nice too and I picked up a bottle of the crystal fine glitter. I really like the shaker style bottle - although a glass bottle - I'm not too keen about that.

I also liked the punches - but I'm a bit over stocked in punches right now and just can't imagine brining another one home....

Well maybe just the round seal one! But that's it!

There were also lots of glue options but I found that they all looked the same to me so I couldn't focus on whether I NEEDED any of them.

I didn't like the stamps. I found the designs a bit too simple and unfinished to me and although it says they are wood mounted it looks to me like MDF. I'm leary of how that will hold up if it gets wet. Being the messy stamper that I am I sometimes like to take my stamps to the sink and scrub with an old toothbrush. Maybe someone else who's bought them can comment on that.

I'm sure there was a lot more but after a few minutes in Marthaland I had to leave. Too much to think about and my head was swimming from all the visual stimulation....

I'm going back there again and will take another cruise through the aisle.


  1. i LOVED (LOVED!!) the Marthaness! Thrilling! And i'm not a syko-martha person usually. But it was all SO pretty!! Glad you found some good stuff. I was all about the big paper. And of course i got the seal punch. who could pass that up?! Did she have a corner rounder? I can't find a good one.
    K, i'm martha-rambling. sorry.