Thursday, May 24, 2007

Scrappin' Great Deals Package

While "blog surfing" I discovered an online vendor - Scrappin' Great Deals (

Sheila has a great selection of Cuttlebug products as well as the coveted Clever Lever punches (yes even the scalloped ones!) and even better she's in CANADA!

I took a quick inventory of what I needed and placed an order. It arrived today!!!

I was so excited that I tore into the box to see what had been shipped (some of it is backordered - scalloped square punch).

The first thing that fell out was a candy - I promptly popped that in my mouth! After a few layers of tissue I found a MEGA square and circle punch, Cuttlebug embossing folders: Winter Jelly, Friend, Spots & Dots....

and you guessed it another Traffic Jam embossing folder!

I must be really losing it since I've bought this one 3 times and didn't even realize it!

I think I'm confusing it with another one or something else? I just don't know why it's not registering that I ALREADY OWN THIS FOLDER!!!

Before you ask - no I will not be offering this as blog candy. At least not for a while....


  1. Marie, I think you have to lay off the adhesive!

  2. Hi there,
    I don't have traffic jam yet, so I'll buy it off you if you like. I've ordered twice from Scrappin Great Deals and have been very pleased.
    C ya'!