Sunday, June 17, 2007

Answers to Banner Questions & Comments

Thanks to everyone who commented to say that they liked my new Banner.

I really like the simple look of it too!

Sarah's initial attempts were very "busy" with lots of graphics and they almost looked like graffiti. They were just too much for me.

After we went over what I wanted again she came up with this one - see below. I liked all of it except for the photos.

Bethany Paul commented: "It's so pretty! What program did she use?"

Well Bethany, she used good old Microsoft Paint to create the banner. It's amazing what you can do with it. SERIOUSLY it was that easy and she had no other choice since we do NOT have Photoshop or Photo Editing programs! But guess what I'm getting her for her birthday next week?

I was lusting after all the nice blog banners and considering paying someone to design one for me. Then I realized that if Sarah could make her own home pages on the computer, inserts for her binders and other projects with the software we had then she could probably pull together something nice for me too.

I think initially it was more difficult to create banners for blogs but then I read on the BLOGSPOT Dashboard Home page that you can now add graphics to your Header. You do this on your Layout screen in Customize/Add and Arrange Page Elements using the Edit feature for the Header. This is the same place that you go to to add blog links, your profile etc..

So I viewed the tutorial and then asked Sarah to use some of her graphics in MS Paint to give it a try.

I asked her specifically to design a rectangular shaped box (long and narrow) in MS Paint and then I just uploaded it.

Kardkrazy & Splashryan both commented and asked whether she did outside work.

Thanks Ladies she was so tickled to read that. She wants to be a graphic artist and is hoping to to do a career day next year with someone we know who is a graphic designer.

If you want to send me an email with some details I can ask her to work on something for you. Now that she's out of school she needs to find constructive things to occupy her time (she got out on Wednesday and has already read 3 books!).

BUT I also encourage you to try this out on your own. If you have MS Paint & use Blogspot then you can cut and paste graphics, photos, scans etc and pull them together in a MS Paint file (jpg) to upload to your blog layout just like I did.

There is one more change to make to the banner and I'm going to attempt it myself -that's to add the wild flowers (seen in the photo banner above) to the bottom of the box again.

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  1. thanks for posting more details about the banner. I havbeen so reluctantt o mess around with mine -- I'm just not computer savvy enough. But it's good to know that i can use paint to make it. I already use paint to create my card sketches, so I guess at some point I might just be brave enought to try and create a banner. Thanks for the inspiration!