Friday, June 1, 2007

Coaster Note Block Box TUTORIAL

As promised here is the tutorial for my upcoming Father's Day Class project.

This is NOT the one for the elementary kids (remember we're gluing on wooden blocks during a 25 minute recess for that class). This is the one that I will be doing at the local scrapbooking store for adults and teens in a 2 hour class.

Although you may think that you've seen this project before - that's because I'm using the same paper!

For this project I used the following supplies & materials:

5 coasters (4x4 squares),

10 pieces of patterned paper (cut into 4x4 squares) BONUS if you use double sided paper!

Adhesive to glue down the patterned paper to the coasters (glue stick works well - I use my ATG!)

2 yards of ribbon cut into 18" lengths (I used SU! Chocolate grosgrain),

a mat pack or a template of some kind for punching your holes (I must admit that I made my own template out of cereal box cardboard)

Crop-a-dile or anywhere hole punch



1 1/4" punch or whichever size gives your the best template for the curved bottom opening

Sanding block

RSVP pen

Note block paper refills (from office supply store)

The first thing I did was cover 3 sides and the bottom (FOUR) coasters - front AND back - with patterned paper using adhesive. Like I said I use my ATG but I use that for everything! Glue stick works really well too.

I then used my ruler, pencil and 1 1/4" punch to make the opening on the FRONT coaster.

I did NOT use my circle punch to punch out the curved bottom - I punched out some scrap paper and then used that as a template to make the curve.

I used my kitchen cutters (strong scissors) to cut out the opening. Then I covered this coaster with the patterned paper, one side at a time and cut out the opening on one side and then the other.

I used the sanding block to smooth off all the excess patterned paper and make the rounded corner cuts (I don't cut or punch them I just sand them off!).

You can use whatever template works for you to mark the holes on the left and right of the SIDE coasters (do all of them at the same time but DO NOT do the bottom coaster).

Here is a photo of my "customized" template that I made for this project.

I used the Crop-a-dile to punch out ALL of the holes. Some people punch through coasters with regular handheld punches - I've already broken a couple of those punching through paper bag books! That's why I got a Crop-a-dile! You can try the anywhere hole punch but be careful this is thick stuff and you may need to clear it out more often.

TIP: For the bottom coaster I punch 2 holes in each corner and start threading my lengths of ribbon from here. I learned this trick from Amy Rysavy. For the longest time I was struggling with adhesives to get the bottom to stay on - thank goodness for those generous bloggers who share wonderful tips like this!!!

After I start the ribbon from the bottom coaster I start to thread and lace up the side coasters.

I wasn't sure what to do with my ends - do Dads like bows??? Here is a bottom view of the box so you can see how the bottom stays on nicely without the messy and stress of adhesives!!

In the end I decided to just knot the ends of the ribbon!

To finish this off I just added some Sepia photos of the kids matted on Chocolate Chip paper and embellished with a punch and some brads.

What do you think? Was this tutorial helpful to you?


  1. Wow! Was it ever! I am so glad to see how to attach the bottom coaster. This makes sense & is so much easier than all that glue mess! Thanks for the nice, clear tutorial - you've done a great job!

  2. Fabulous tutorial!! Especially the photo of how you laced in the bottom coaster....I could never figure out in my head how that would I know!! Awesome idea!!!
    p.s. I'll buy the embossing time I see you. Maybe we'll have to meet up at Scrap Arts one day???

  3. Great tutorial! Thanks so much for taking the time to go step by step and simplify this for us. Your time & efforts are greatly appreciated.

  4. This is just too cool! I love the whole so you can reach the paper.