Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cuttlebug & Commissioned Cards!

This morning my two friends, Zona and Sandra, popped over for coffee.

Sandra came by to chat and check out the paint job and Zona came for the same reason but also to check out my die cutting systems.

Zona was all set to get the Sizzix deal that Michaels is offering this week. When she told me this yesterday I wasn't very enthusiastic about it and asked her - "Are you sure you want a Sizzix?" I said it like I was asking her if she really wanted to buy that 1997 Ford Taurus (no offense to Taurus drivers) or the 2007 Volkswagen convertible.

She picked up on it right away!

I then went on to explain that although it sounded like a good deal - basically you get an alpha set, the old style sizzix machine and the convertor for like $134 (I haven't seen the ad so I can only repeat what she told me) - in the long run I think she'd be happier spending that money on something else.

I told her that I had the Sizzix, Sizzlet, Cricut and Cuttlebug and that if she were serious about getting a die cutting machine she should come over and test drive them. In all honesty, I'd recommend the Cuttlebug.

So this morning she came over to try it out and she was sold! She's going to get a Cuttlebug and we're going to borrow each other's dies and folders.

While Sandra was over she spied a couple of cards that she liked so I sold them to her for $3 a piece. I usually make extras when I'm doing a swap and make those extras into full cards for my own personal use.

Now this is the second time in just a week where I have sold some cards. I'm definately going to make a bunch over the summer and have them on hand for sale whenever I do an in-home class.

I think $3 is reasonable. If you sell your cards what do you sell them for?

Sandra has asked me to make her a set of Thank You cards and more blank cards...

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  1. Yes I sell my cards - for $3 apiece. I think it's fair & people don't seem to mind paying that price. For waterfall, etc. I get $5.