Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm sick...

I'm sick with "waiting for the New Stampin' Up! Catalogue" Fever.

I knew it was going around but I thought I'd be safe. Afterall I was taking precautions. I was keeping busy with other things and thinking about my trip to ON at the end of this week.

I need to make a Birthday card for my Dad and finish up the laundry. Nevermind all the end of the school year stuff that's going on.

I've only been to SCS once since the first catty arrived in Southern Cal on Friday.

But this morning something happened and I realized that I was coming down with a raging case of New Catty Fever!

Some of you may recognize the first symptom - stalking the mail carrier.

When the mail lady came to the door just now I was waiting for her. Her truck kind of makes a noise and the dog and I can always tell when she's here.

She handed me my mail with a smile and I quickly looked through it for my catty.

It wasn't there.

Sensing my disappointed she said she had something on the truck for me. So I followed her out thinking that my catty had arrived or better yet my BOX of catalogues were here and she needed help carrying them to my door.

I had visions of new stamp sets dancing in my head - I'd have a cup of tea, ignore the laundry and spend the rest of the day drooling over it. My Hubby is playing golf and won't be home until late - it's the perfect day for the NEW catty to arrive.

But alas, it was only an envelope for the Colouring Contest swap I'm hosting. BTW - Susan your swaps have arrived...

I then asked her specifically if she had a catalogue for me. She said no - but she wouldn't look me in the eyes - and quickly drove away in her truck.

I believe that she is part of the "withholding the catalogue" conspiracy and I do think the catty is back at the postal station and she was rushing back to take another look through it. They (and they know who "they" are) are leisurely looking through it while I'm at home suffering.

Either that or she thinks I'm a lunatic...

I hope it comes tomorrow because I just can't go on like this!


  1. LOL! Marie, this is so funny! (and so true...*sigh*)

  2. You made me giggle! Thank you. And for the safety of your postal worker I hope you get it in tomorrows mail.

  3. Sigh...I don't have any new catties either. I was hoping that maybe you had received yours and I may have been able to bribe you into another North Vancouver Cattie Caper....but catties.
    I knew this would happen - I get mine early last year and this year I get punished....deep sigh....

  4. I have the fever too! cant wait till friday! then we are going to Kelowna and hopefully my Demo will have the catty!!!