Friday, July 20, 2007

How I store my Die Cuttting Machines & Accessories...

I used to have my die cutting stuff all over the house in cupboards and closets or wherever I could find the room. Sound familiar?

I did this until I found the perfect solution (for me). I found this nifty little rolling shelf unit at IKEA. It wasn't expensive and easy to put together.

Now I keep all of my manual die-cutting machines and dies in one place! It holds my Sizzix, Sidekick, Cuttlebug and all my dies for all of these machines.

I also found some inexpensive seagrass baskets at London Drugs that were just the right size to fit on the shelves. I use these baskets to hold my dies. One holds my all my Sizzix dies. How did I know they'd fit? Well I took a big die with me when I went shopping for the baskets!

I keep my old style sizzix machine on the bottom shelf on top of a couple of alpha die cases and the seagrass basket beside it. This little shelf unit is just the right size!

I also keep my Cuttlebug on this shelf unit along with another seagrass basket filled with my Cuttlebug dies. When I want to use my Cuttlebug I just pop it on top and it suctions right on.

I didn't want to keep all the packaging that came with the Cuttlebug dies and I didn't want to dump the dies into the seagrass basket. So I found these nifty little plastic "briefcase" style holders. They are the perfect size for my dies and embossing folders. I cut off the top portion of the packaging that tells me what the die is called and attach that to the handle using a coloured binder ring.

I know you'll probably ask me where I got these holders and I can tell you that I bought them at my LSS called ScrapArts. I think they were originally some kind of packaging for something else and they recycle and resell them as storage keepers. Yes they have more of them in the store (I was there today) and they are the perfect size for organizing this kind of thing.

Now you know how I keep my die cutting machines and dies. If you have any comments or suggestions to share please leave a comment.

I'm sure we could all use a little help getting organized!

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