Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A-Muse Make'n Take

Today I had some time to stop in to I'm Impressed in Granville Market and check out the stamps for A-Muse-a-palooza.

This is the make'n take that I made. I made it with a preprinted A-Muse card.

I was there early, around 10ish, and guess who I ran in to? Julie Ebersole HRR herself!

She's in town to teach some classes there but unfortunately the times don't work for me.

It was great meeting her - she's so bubbly and lots of fun!

I felt like a groupie meeting a REAL Stamp Celebrity or in Julie's case Stamp Royalty (she is Her Royal Rubberness afterall!).


  1. Eeeekkkk! You got to meet Julie? WOW! She's like a stampin' celeb! How cool for you, Marie!

  2. OMG Marie -- How cool is that? It was hard enough for me to meet WAXYO earlier this year and I had months to prerare for that -- if I just walked into a store and Julie HRR was there I don't know what I would have done. Did you get an autograph (or am I the only one geeky to ask for that)?