Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feeling better today!

It all started on Sunday. I woke up with a sore jaw - my right side would not bite down. I have a perfect bite and it felt really weird not to be able to chew.

On Monday I woke up with a pain in my right shoulder blade and my bite was still off. When I bit down my front teeth would come together and my back teeth were not touching.

On Tuesday my right knee kept "clicking out" and I couldn't put weight on that side - but the good news was that my shoulder was much better and I could bite down now with very little pain on the right side.

I told my husband that I thought the pain was working it's way out of my body and would eventually leave through my right foot. He just rolled his eyes and said "yeah that's how it works". I wanted to believe that I would wake up with a sore foot the next day and by Friday it would be gone - maybe a sore toe next and then by Saturday gone.

He said more than likely I'm doing something weird when I'm sleeping and maybe lying funny on my right side and that's what's making me sore. Hmmm... I did get a new pillow!

By Wednesday I gave up on "working it's way out of my body" pain theory. I woke up with - THE HEADACHE - it started as a dull ache at the bottom back of my head and progressively got worse. I took all kinds of stuff for it but nothing seemed to help.

Today the worst of my headache is gone, my jaw feels better and I've been able to do a bit more of my class prep.

I've been able to finish off a few more cards for my "Punch Happy" class but I'm not quite ready to share photos but maybe later today?

I'm also working on some samples for my "Clothes to You" class which will be cards featuring "clothes".

AND I finally had a chance to try out a Flip Album - I'm thinking of doing a "Flipped Out!" class and just need to sort out the timing and cost of supplies. This project sure uses up a LOT of paper!

Stay tuned for more photos....

PS. I want to thank everyone for the comments & emails of advice and commiseration on the headache!

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