Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Unmounting your Wood Mounted Rubber Stamps

When I first got the So Many Sayings stamp set from Stampin' Up! I knew that I would never use it the way it came - as the title suggests it's so many words & sayings all grouped together on 3 stamps. Some of the sayings didn't even relate to others on the same stamp - that's just too random for me!

I was going to use cling mount and separate all the words/sayings and use them individually on acrylic blocks.

Apparently, I'm not alone - lots of people are doing this and someone even wrote up a tutorial with photos on how to do it with this exact stamp set. Check out Amy Rysavy's blog.

Now this got me thinking about all of my other Stampin' Up! stamps and how much space they take up...

What about unmounting all of those and putting them into CD cases rather than the clear snap cases with their wood blocks? That would take up less space right? Tanslates to - more room for more stamps....

It would also make using them - positioning them rather - much easier too wouldn't it?

Especially some of the stamps that I mounted late at night...after a few drinks...(just kidding but some of them are mounted really wonky and one was even mounted upside down!)

I've bought unmounted rubber before and use them with cling mount. BUT actually unmounting ALL of your mounted stamps. It boggles my mind!

Has anyone done this - UNMOUNTED ALL of of your wood mounted stamps?

Connie didn't you do this? How is that working out?

I'd like to find out before I go ahead with my plan...the thought of room for more stamps is clouding my judgement!

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