Sunday, September 9, 2007

Copic Marker Shopping & Comparison

Yesterday I went shopping for Copic markers at the Petrov art supply store in North Vancouver.

Boy- Oh-Boy! Do they ever have a great selection. BUT I have to tell you that I was unprepared for what I found!

There is an amazing amount of colours avaiable and also tip choices. They carry open stock on Copics and they were 25% off!

BUT Did I want the fine tip with the chisel tip opposite or did I want the paint tip with the chisel tip opposite or did I just want the chisel tip??? I don't know!!

The sales clerk was awesome and let me try them out on a scrap piece of paper. I decided on the paint tip with the chisel tip opposite.

I went in for flesh, red and green. Just 3 markers - that's all I wanted. Do you know how many choices there are in flesh?? LOTS!

Luckily the red and green were easy but in the end I walked away with 3 flesh tones and a blender too! 6 markers!!

AND I grabbed some mini aqua painters - Did you know they come in mini size? I didn't and I just had to have them after I saw how cute they were.

I also noticed that they carry open stock on watercolour wonder crayons as well as 10 and 15 colour sets at a reasonable price.

They also carry the Gelly pens that I've looking for but were all out of the shiny Black. The sales clerk told me they could get them for me by next week!

I just love art supply stores don't you? It's just too bad that I didn't have more time to browse and see what else I "needed".

For comparison sake here's a close up of the fairy image.

The first one was coloured in with Stampin' Up! Blush Blossom. You can see some overlapping of colour around her chin - it looks like dots.

Here's the same image coloured in with the lightest flesh tone Copic (E01 Pink Flamingo) that I bought yesterday. It goes on so smoothly and the colour blends seamlessly!

I'd be in the poor house if I tried to buy all of the Copic colours available (afterall I do have the 48 set of Stampin' Up! markers) but I think that I will pick up a few more of my favourite colours. These are a dream to colour in with!


  1. Thanks for the marker comparisons. I've been dreaming of these Copics since I first saw them.

  2. You live in Vancouver? I am moving there to start school in January, would love to get to know some people. I will be going to Vancouver Film School, just have to find a place to stay. I will have to check out this store you mentioned, we don't have any I know of here in Winnipeg.