Friday, September 14, 2007

Do you dream?

On the way to school this morning I was telling the kids about my dream last night.

Every once and a while I'll have a really strange dream and I like to share with the kids because we all get a laugh out my retelling it and then all of us trying to interpret it.

So last night I dreamt that we found a bear cub.
Which isn't unusual because we live in an area where there are a lot of bears.
So anyway, we found a bear cub that was just born and abandoned so we took it home.
In reality you should never go near a bear cub because the mother is usually nearby and can be very dangerous.

It was like a puppy, all cute and furry, but a little nippy. It didn't have any teeth so it was more gummy but very gentle and we all just loved it to bits.
That would be the kids and me - I don't know where my husband was in this dream.

We fed it - I don't know what - and then it got all sleepy and fell asleep. We tucked it into a little bed and watched it cute....
Well it slept for 2 days and we tried waking it up several times and maybe thought it was dead...

Finally we gave it a good nudge and it woke up hungry and kept trying to bite our hands.
In my dream we were in the kitchen but I didn't have time to prepare it anything to eat because we were so busy fending it off.
The final straw came when it tried to eat our goat so I took it outside.
Yes, in my dream we had a goat. At this point Sarah says that maybe the goat was really our dog Sam because someone once said he has a beard like a goat...I don't see Sam as a goat more like a sheep.
Back to the dream...

It lived outside for what seemed like an hour but in reality must have been longer because it was eating all the neighbourhood cats. So I called the police and pretended like I didn't know why the bear was in our yard and why it was calling me mommy. Well maybe not mommy but moaning something that sounded like mammmmma. It really broke my heart to turn the bear in but it was just being so bad and we couldn't tame it.
So that's my weird dream.
Not too crazy.
Not like the time I dreamt that George Clooney told me that he was the real father of my children. He said that there had been some mix up at the hospital. I told him that would be impossible - I'd remember if he was their father!


  1. hubba hubba, a Clooney dream!!!!! He is such a DOLL!!!!! :)

  2. ROFL - thanks for the laugh before I turn I'm wondering what I'll dream about !!! LOL

  3. Love the new look! and yes I would hope if Clooney was the dad you would know! lol. and Im loving the chillin music too!

  4. Sorry snooks...George is the father of MY children...just don't tell my husband. ;)