Monday, September 10, 2007

Tell me the truth...

Today, someone was showing me these round stamps from Inkadinkado and I just don't get them.

What do you think of these?




The description on the site says that they are 3 inches in diameter. I guess you'd use the on - round cards?

Maybe I'm being a bit dense but when I look at these I think of plates, plaster ceiling moldings and monogrammed towels.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these and how you'd use them. Would you buy them?


  1. Would they fit in the Giga Scallop Punch? That could be pretty - then use as a medallion on a belly band or an embellishment on a page.

  2. I wouldn't buy them becaue thy're clear and they're not SU - LOL! but I think they are gorgeous and I could see a ton of uses for them. They would make great card medallions. They would also make pretty cool faux wax seals on backs of envelopes -- kind of large, but really cool!

    p.s. I really like your playlist!

  3. I have seen them in person. They're quite large. When I first saw them I was thinking "Greeting Cakes"...they'd fit on those. I'm sure they wouldn't fit the scalloped punches, unfortunately. I don't think I would buy them, but they are the rosette could be used separately from the border circle.

  4. What about a stamp for the smaller paint cans... for the lid? I think Stampendous has stamps like that...

  5. I was thinking paint can or jar lids too...

  6. I bought the Butterfly. I saw it in the store using the round stamp with out the butterfly and adding a monogram to the middle. I love it. It is beautiful done in black on white paper. I have also used the butterfly alone. It fits the SU scallop punch. All but the outer ring fits the Giga Scallop Punch.