Thursday, September 20, 2007

Update on switching to Ez-Mount...

Just a quick post before I open up the store....

I wanted to update you on how the stamp unmounting and using Ez-Mount is going.

All I can say is that I'm ADDICTED!!

I started off mounting my non Stampin' Up! rubber on Ez-Mount and storing them in CD cases.

Then I moved on to my favourite retired SU! sets. I just tore the rubber off the foam and the wood block and laid it on the sheet of Ez-Mount.

Now I've moved onto NEW SU! sets that have never been mounted (using cling vinyl for that).

Next I'll be unmounting my current SU! stamp sets.

This is so addicting - I cannot believe how fast it's going and how much space I'm freeing up!

I'm using the Walnut Grove Hot Knife to cut the Ez-Mount foam away from the rubber - it's like cutting through butter with a hot knife.

I got my hot kife as part of a kit at Michaels a few years ago (woodburning, soldering and burnishing tips included). The regular price on the kit is $49.99 CAD but they're on sale this week for $19.99 CAD! The hot knife alone is $26.99 CAD (but there's a 50% off coupon this week too).

I picked up some replacement blades (2 for $8.99 CAD) because mine is getting quite blackened and gummy (although it still cuts well after 2 years).

If you're going to be doing a lot of Ez-Mount mounting I highly recommend getting a hot knife!

So my final word on this....

Hot Knife $19.99 (at Michaels)

Ez-Mount $5 a sheet (from Old Island Stamp Co)

Extra space & seeing where you stamp PRICELESS!!!

I'll be posting BEFORE and AFTER storage photos soon...


  1. I just switched to UM as well, and I will NEVER go back as far as I can tell! The SPACE is amazing, I can't believe all the room I have now! (More room to buy more STUFF!) I did decide for the moment not to EZmount all of it (lol not enough $$ for all that EZmount!). So I have a couple acrylic blocks dedicated to rubber, and slapped tack n peel on any rubber just sticks to it! I put a little doublestick inside the cd cases and it holds them enough in place to be stable.

    Way to go on getting your UMing done!!!!!

  2. That's right! I've been singing the praises of UM for years, but alas, my singing voice stinks and people have been covering their ears instead. So...keep tellin' em!