Monday, October 1, 2007

Are you ready for Challenge #6 CANDY?

I've been digging through my loot and I found all kinds of stuff but it's just like what I've offered before so...........

I've decided to give away a couple of COPICS for Card Sketch Challenge #6!

Yes you read it right! Free COPICS!!!

Somehow I ended up with an extra Red and Green COPIC - I don't know how that happened??
Shopping without my list maybe!!!

The colours are YG95 Pale Olive and R46 Strong Red. The nice thing about these two is that the green can be used to add shading to the red!

Not only are they "in season" for Christmas images like this poinsietta stamp but perfect for other images - I'm thinking strawberries, roses etc...

Here's my card for Card Sketch Challenge #6 coloured in with these COPICS (well not these exact ones but my doubles!).

This is a side view so you can see that it really is a ONE LAYER card!

So get your ONE LAYER card done and post a link to it on the Challenge #6 post!


  1. Here is my card. Not as nice as yours but
    Thanks for another great challenge!

  2. Is it too late? I hope not! I have this card:

    I love those colors of and need both - so if I don't win someone will be getting an order for them ! LOL