Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No time to stamp!

No time to stamp these days!
However, I did make these simple ornaments at the store for the TV segment tomorrow.
I'm sure you've seen these before on other blogs - they've been around for a while - and are so easy I just had to try them.

You just punch out 6 to 8 scalloped circles from patterned paper (I used 2 patterns and 6 circles on both of these), then you fold/score them down the middle, then glue one side to the other and before gluing the last two together add a length of ribbon to hang.

I decided to make some grosgrain fringe on one of the ornaments - I think it turned out quite nice and I'll definately do this again.
To make the fringe just take sharp scissors and cut away the side binding edge of the ribbon end that hangs out of the ornament (I knotted it first). Then I took my paper piercing tool and remove the little horizontal bits leaving the vertical fibres - that makes the FRINGE!

You should try these - they are great for using up scraps and they're so addictive!!

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