Sunday, December 16, 2007


Apparently I have S.A.B.L.E.

Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expentancy! This is craft slang for too much stuff!

And knowing that I have this affliction I couldn't help myself when I stumbled upon some great deals and added to my stash with some "accidental" shopping today.

I popped in to Walmart while my son was at a Basketball camp this morning. Really, I only went in to get a yellow printer ink cartridge and thought that they would be open before Staples was. Turns out they are open 24 HOURS now! Maybe not a big deal for you that live in real cities but for me living on the North Shore of the Greater Vancouver Area (almost like the country!) it is a big deal!

So getting back to my story - I picked up the ink cartridge and wandered over to the sewing/craft section. I had time to kill and thought I'd check out the ribbon.

This is usually a great place to pick up all kinds of Offray ribbon at a good price.

BUT I didn't even make it over to the ribbon because heading over there I spied some Cricut stuff! Again maybe not a big deal for some of you who already knew that Walmart stocked Cricut stuff but our Walmart is old and short on space so there isn't too many new things that come in.

Not only did they have the Cricut machine at a pretty good price but they had mats and a wider spatula and replacement blades too! The mats were a great price at $9.99 (instead of $16.99 at Michaels) and the spatula I'd never seen anywhere before. It's almost like a thin metal spatula that you would use in your fry pan or Easy Bake Oven!

But wait I'm not finished - at the end of that aisle, at the very back of the department - there was more scrapping and stamping stuff at awesome prices.

I found EK Succes Paper Shapers (the one with the lever and not the hand breaking old style punch) in the small snowflake, heart and spiral punches for $3.97! These are great for my newly discovered Burnished Velvet Glitter technique.

I also found the EK Success Cutter Bee Piercing Bugs (a 2 pack of Single and Double Row Piercers) for $9.97. So much faster than doing it with the paper piercing tool!

I'm running low on liquid glue (all that glittering that I've been doing) so I picked up the EK Success 2 Way Glue Squeeze and Roll pens for $2.97 and the 3D foam dots for $3.97!

I do remember seeing a sign at the entrance of Walmart stating that they had rolled back prices to reflect the dollar increase. Not all retailers are doing this but there are a few - our local drugstore is honouring US prices on all Books and Magazines!

So you see it's really not my fault that I can't stop buying craft supplies - I have S.A.B.L.E.!

And the reality of it is that I will have plenty of craft supplies to pass on to my future generations and I'm very proud to do so!


  1. Okay! are driving me crazy here....gotta get to a Walmart soon!!
    I suffer from the same disease...addiction...S.A.B.L.E...I think I am going to have to leave a special separate will...but I do have a few crafty daughters so maybe they will know what to do with all my stuff. I can't imagine what my hubby would say if he had to go through it
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and your family Marie!!

  2. Ila made a good point. I'd better make sure I out live my husband. He'd kill me again if he saw all the stuff I've procured over the years.

    I appreciate the proper terminology put to this disease. I don't mind if people say I suffer from S.A.B.L.E. as opposed to be called a "hoarder". ;)

    Great post. Incredible cards!

  3. Wow, it is amazing to find so many people that suffer from S.A.B.L.E (me included): )
    Merry Christmas to all.
    JoAnn B.