Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I joined a Card Club - Local King

This month I joined a Card Club!

I'm so excited about this - I really need to get back to basics and rekindle my love of stamping and cardmaking.

Stamping was starting to seem like "work" to me and I really just want to "play" for a bit.

Here are the cards we made:

Stamping on Glossy paper and then colouring with sponges.
I keep forgetting about my Glossy paper and so this was a nice reminder!

This floral card is done with Angelina Fibres and Fantasy Film.

I didn't even know about these 2 products until I took the class. You need the two products I mentioned and a Teflon sheet and an iron!!! I don't iron at home but I'll be pulling it out to make up some more fun cards like this!

More glossy paper and stamping with a Blendable Ink pad - another first for me!

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  1. Marie you have been on a roll. Love all your cards and especially the one with the eagle. Angelina fibers are so much fun.
    connie Paxman