Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Glue Dots gone WILD!!!

Last week I ordered some refills for my 3M ATG gun and while doing so I added a package of Glue Dots. I thought it was a good deal when I costed it out so I thought why not.

I admit I have a bit of a perception problem and have trouble visualizing stuff....

So I wasn't really prepared for what arrived on my doorstep today.

Check this out!

Ladies you are looking at a box of 4000 Glue Dots - that is a 12 inch ruler on the box! I won't have to buy Glue Dots again for a LOOOOONG time!

Edited to Add: I've been asked where I got these glue dots from. I'll tell you it was an impulse buy but I thought they were a good deal - $49.50 for a box of 4000!!!
I get them from the same place that I order my ATG refills from:
National Hardware Sales Ltd.
500 Alden Road, Unit 5
Markham, Ontario
L3R 5H5
Toll Free 1-877-877-0873
Tel: 905-513-3994
I should tell you that I get my ATG refills from them for $41.88 (box of 12).
If you call them - tell them Marie in BC says Hello!


  1. I need fun refills ... where did you order from?

  2. Oh my gosh Marie! This gave me quite the giggle. Awesome deal though right? If only I didn't have storage issues. So tell us, where did you order from?