Sunday, May 25, 2008

Unmounted Stamp Tip

Today I was working on some card fronts for an upcoming CASED With Love swap (photos of the finished cards to come in a later post).

Well I'm making 33 of this one design and I stumbled onto a shortcut/tip that made stamping the greeting easier for me.

I was working with Absolutely Fabulous (from Stampin' Up!) which I have unmounted. Most of my stamps are unmounted and I just stick them onto an acrylic block when I need to use them.

Now we all know that using acrylic stamps and blocks make it so easy to line up images - no need for a stamp-a-ma-jig!

But how about using the block itself to line up where you want your image - or in this case greeting - to go?

I figured out with my prototype card where my greeting should end up and then I just placed it on the block exactly where I needed to stamp it using the block as my guide for lining it up.

Here are some photos:
1. Prototype card with greeting.

2. Adjust greeting stamp on block to line up with where you want it stamped.

3. Using the edges of the card and the block - stamp your greeting exactly where you want it!

How easy it that!

Forgive me if this is something that is common knowledge but I just figured this one out myself and thought there might be others out there that could use the info!


  1. Well that should be common knowledge but sometimes we cannot see the obvious. Thanks for the tip.
    Connie Paxman

  2. Sometimes something simple we do not always see........
    Thanks for sharing :)