Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Working with Alleen's Tack-It Over and Over

I've received a few questions about and even mailed out a few bottles of Alleen's Tack-It Over and Over.

So I thought I'd put together a little post on how I use it.

1. First thing I did was peel off my rubber stamps from the wood blocks.
2. When I'm ready I'll do a bunch at one time. I brush on an even coat of Alleen's with a regular paint brush. When I'm done I wash the brush with warm soapy water. It doesn't hurt the bristles at all. I got a bunch of these nylon bristle brushes from my Dollar Store.

3. Let the Alleen's dry- usually takes a couple of hours or best to leave overnight if you can. Once it's dried it is VERY sticky! Sometimes too sticky and I think that this has turned some people off.
So to "de-stick" it before using on acrylic blocks I do this:

I know it's kind of weird and I wouldn't recommend this if you have dry or sensitive skin but it really works for me.

I remember doing this one time and having quite a few stamp sets on my arms. I was in a de-sticking frenzy and trying to work through a number of sets. My daughter walked into the room at that moment, rolled her eyes and walked out!

What can I say...


  1. How about sticking them onto jeans or any no too fuzzy cloths? This way, the fuzz will de-stick the ATIO&O and you don't get a bikini wax on your arm... teehee. I would look at you and walk out of the room too... she is probably thinking you are conditioning your arms. ROTF!!

  2. Thanks so much for the info! I have wondered about this product but didn't know how it worked. I have been really needing a solution for my "neked" (unmounted) rubber stamps but I can see that if I use this product then I can stick them to a mounting system.


  3. Thank you for the great tip. I have just been applying glue stick and washing them off when done. Will have to try this. I can see my husband rolling his eyes. It will be a good way to get the dead cells off our skin too :-)

  4. Hi Marie,
    I wonder if this would work if the stamps have not been mounted. Can I brush directed onto the sticky backing after having removed the waxy film.

    thanks for the great option to unmount. :)