Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cherish the Thought

Today I finally had the opportunity to check out a new little scrapbooking store called Cherish the Thought in Port Moody BC.

I say finally because I've driven past the store at least 3 times during my son's lacrosse season on the way to one arena or another.

I wasn't sure what to expect - I know they had a few things based on their blog info and website photos - but I was blown away to see all the goodies that were stocked in this small store. AND I have to say that I LOVED the way everything was displayed - the use of antique furniture and other "vessels" is very unique and intriguing!

I can't begin to tell you all the cool things I saw because there was just too much for me to take in during my short visit and I'm sorry that I didn't have my camera.

Their selection is quite good with lots of things that every scrapper and cardmaker "needs" and mixed in with a handcrafted gift piece here and there. I wanted to get a little "scrapcatcher" but there were so many cool patterns I couldn't decide which one to buy. I'll have to go back with my girl so she can help me choose!

At the time that I dropped in (mid morning) there was a class running in the back - a HUGS chipboard album that is VERY CUTE!! It was a full house with a varying age range of participants.

When I was checking out my purchases - a few stamps, a couple of the Dreamweaver stencils, some square cut rhinestones in BLACK, and a teflon heat resistant work pad - I was given a reuseable shopping bag, a FREE magazine and Jessie (I know this because of her cute flower name tag!) told me about their membership program. It's a yearly program that allows customers to get store emails and 15% off their purchases!

OutStamp, OutCraft, OutLast...I was also asked to vote on a card displayed on the SURVIVOR board - behind the cash desk. This is their Survivor Port Moody Card Contest where each card is voted on and the one with the lowest votes is voted out leaving the Survivor or winning card. At the end of the 5 weeks the creator of the last card gets a "cherished cheque" and I guess the glory of being the "Survivor". All the cards entered are sold off and the money goes towards local schools art programs. Isn't that a great idea - I'm thinking about what card I'll be submitting for the next challenge!!

So if you're in the Lower Mainland of BC (or visiting) and you're looking for stuff like Dreamweaver stencils, Cornish Heritage Farms stamps, Old Island Stamp Company stamps and funky little embellishments you'll just have to check out Cherish the Thought in Port Moody!

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  1. Oh Marie!
    I am so overwhelmed by your fabulous comments about my "baby" and am SO glad that I was on the ball that day and told you everything we're up to around here! I heard about your blog yesterday (Aug 7)when Brenda visited, and want to thank you so much for mentioning us.
    Hope to see you soon,