Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Punch Storage and Where to put my CREATE?

I'm still organizing - it's taking me forever I know - but everyday I do a little bit and I figure by next year I'll be done! Seriously, I have so much stuff and pulling it all together while still playing with it is so hard.
It's like "Oh Wow! I didn't know I had a do-hicky-ma-jig let's see if I still know how to use it"....
On the bright side I did finally HANG both of my Making Memories Embellishment Centres (but now I'm thinking I didn't hang them high enough!).
I found some white metal towel bars at Walmart (I think they were $6 each and they are 24 inches wide). I hung these under the embellishment centres and hung my "most used" punches on them.
I also found some nifty looking card stands in a home decor store. I'm going get some more of these for when I start up my classes so that I can display the sample cards in the middle of the table - high enough for everyone to see. For right now they are displaying my latest glitter cards on top of one of my embellishment centres.
I have left space on my walls for the new Decor Elements CREATE definition but I can't decide where to put it.
Here - to the right of my 2 embellishment centres?
Or HERE to the right of my wall clock?

What do you think?


  1. Hi Marie,
    If you bought large "create", I would put it on top of the clock and centered. If it's the smaller one, maybe next to the clock. I think it's too hidden between the white storage shelves and the window.
    Greetings, Ilse

  2. i agree with Ilse's comments regarding placing the definition next to your shelving. post another picture showing a wider view of the clock placement so we can decide :)

  3. Hi Marie, I live in Surrey, and just found your blog. I am SO jealous of your MM shelves! Did you get them at Michael's?

    When I saw your photo of the clock, I also thought that you should post a photo showing what is around the clock. But between the two choices, I think near the clock is better :)

  4. Great idea to put the additional bars below to hang your punches on! Those centers are a pain to hang, though, aren't they?!! But they look great!