Saturday, November 8, 2008

Poor Girl's COPIC Air Tool

Alysabeth asked if the Stampin' Up! Spritzer Tool worked with the COPIC markers.

The Colour Spritzer Tool (#107066) is made by Inkworx and sold by Stampin' Up! on page 193 of current catalogue for $16.50 CAD.

Well some of us over at the COPIC CRAZY Yahoo Group got to thinking and experimenting with ours.

I thought at first - no way - the barrel of the COPIC marker is too thick to fit in the Color Spritzer Tool holder.

BUT WAIT - Bridget discovered that there are two parts to the holder and once you take the screw out (or loosen it) the inner part can be removed allowing the Sketch marker to fit!

I had to try this myself and it works like a charm!

If you keep the marker barrel flat you can tightern the screw to keep the marker in place.

Since I have both Original and Sketch markers I tried the Original COPIC marker and it fits too!

You just need to take the screw out completely but it does fit in there nice and snug!

I used the Chisel Tip end of the marker for this and it works very well as long as longest point is right against the spout of the spritzer tool.

Just a word of warning - I don't know this for sure but I suspect that using an air tool may dry out your markers faster than just colouring with them!

Please note that this is a manual pump tool and so the results will not be the same as the constant air pressure from the COPIC system.


  1. I took the COPIC certification class and Marianne said that at least for the airbrushing it does NOT dry the markers out faster. I would think the same holds true for this.

  2. Hello Marie,
    I sat beside you at the Copic marker class on Monday. Thank you for the goodies you gave me. I just tried the air tool and works just as good. Thank you for the tip. Love your Blog too...I will put you into my Favorites. Happy stamping.

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