Monday, December 22, 2008

Embossing Paste Tutorial

Do you have any of these dry embossing stencils around?

Well if so you should really try them with Embossing Paste!

I recently attended a craft fair here in Vancouver and saw this demonstrated - the result is similiar to heat embossing but it's "cooler". You don't use the Heat Tool!

You'll need the following: A stencil, embossing paste (I'm using the Pearlescent from Spellbinders), a pallette knife and some masking tape.
Tape your stencil down on a piece of cardstock. When taping - tape the top and bottom first and then do the sides (this is important for removing/checking later).

Apply the paste using the pallette knife in a diagonal direction.

Once you think that you have covered the entire area, remove your side and bottom pieces of tape. Use your top layer of tape as a "hinge" to check your results.If you are satisfied (I am) remove the tape and stencil. If not, lay the stencil down again and reapply the paste to the areas you're not happy with.The paste does stick to the stencil but it can be removed with some warm soapy water.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO BEND YOUR STENCIL WHILE CLEANING!!I'm going to let my trees dry and then I'll apply glitter and use the piece on a card. I'll post the card tomorrow or when I get it done!

In the meantime here are some photos of a piece I embossed using the Stocking stencil, white embossing paste and Art Institute glue (with a tip) to apply micro fine glitter.

It's very sparkly!

What do you think?

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