Friday, February 6, 2009

Storing my COPICS

Look at this!!!

This is how I store my COPICS now!

I had a real issue with my expanding COPIC collection and how to store them.

I tried the over the door shoe holder but I quickly "outgrew" that!

I've seen all kinds of cases for them too but I happen to have a mix of markers and the cases (the ones with the lids) are for one or the other not a mix. Sure I could break them up but I wanted to keep ALL my colours together in some sort of order.

I was at Be Creative (in Maple Ridge BC) not too long ago with my friend Alysabeth and we were talking to Haroldine (the owner) about storing our COPICs. She had hers in 3 or 4 of those lidded cases and was making multiple trips to move them from one place to another. During the conversation - the idea of using one of the racks from the display unit was tossed around.

Well I just jumped all over that one - do you know how many markers that holds? There are 72 cubbies in each one and you can fit 4 sketch markers or 3 of the originals in each cubbie.

That's 288 sketch markers or 216 originals or a MIX OF BOTH!!!

I moved around some "stuff" in my room and was able to fit mine under a shelf:
Now when I need my COPICS I can just slide out this unit and take what I need. I can even lift this into another room if needed. Just to right is where I keep my Stampin' Up! markers too so all my markers are now kept together!!! I'm so excited about this - can you tell?

I like to keep mine this way (upright) but Alysabeth stores hers horizontally. Click HERE to see Alysabeth's and get the low down on where we got them!

Another idea I got from Haroldine was to "label" my markers. I picked up some thin purple masking tape and put a length of it around each marker. Now if I take them anywhere I'll know which ones are mine!
I really believe that it's important to have a storage system that works for you so that you don't have to work too hard to be creative!


  1. this is an awesome idea!!! I love that you can store both types in it. I'm checking them out myself!

  2. Very cool! I would of never thought to label my Copics this way. Thanks for sharing!


  3. great idea...I am compiling a list of solutions and will link to you probably sometime next month! TFS!