Friday, May 8, 2009

Top Note Clutch Purse Directions

I've been asked by a few people how I made this little clutch purse.

I want you to know that this is not my original idea - just about everyone is making these now and I couldn't tell you who came up with this first!

I've seen so many versions of this around but no detail instructions or dimensions. I just sat down with my dies and through trial and error figured it out. It's really easy!

If you have any questions just ask me but really all I can suggest is that you try one with just plain paper and then do it with your good paper.

The inside part - Cut out 1 of the Sizzix box #2. Cut off the top flaps and gable each end (crease/fold) so that when assembled you can pinch the top of the box together. If you're going to add a ribbon handle or wristlet - punch your hole in the side(s) now. Assemble with a strong adhesive. That is the inside of your purse!

The outside part - Using a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock cut the sheet into quarters (you'll only need 3 pieces). Do whatever you want to do to your paper - Faux Alligator, Emboss, Stamp etc...

Cut 3 top note die cuts (yes you can do them all at once!).

2 will be used for each the front and back of the clutch and then the last one will be folded in half longways for the top.

Take the 2 front and back pieces and trim to fit. Some samples I've seen have the top and bottom rounded parts cut off of the front and back piece leaving 2 flat edges. If you like the look of that just use your inside box as your guide for trimming.

I kept my bottom and just cut about 1 1/4 (from the point) off the top - hold it up against your box to measure and leave a bit extra at the bottom.

Once you've cut the front and back pieces you can attach them to the front and back of your box. I used my ATG gun but the Sookwang or redline tape would be great for doing this too.

Figure out what you want to use for the front decoration and closure and attach your decoration to the front flap of your folded top note die cut. I've seen some with grommets, brads and buttons for flap decorations and then velcro (that's what I used) or magnets for closures. The velcro and magnets can be adhered/positioned once the top flap has been attached. I find it easier to do that for alignment.

Attach this folded piece at the back (with strong adhesive) to the top of your clutch. I used a large pearl brad on mine and then used self adhesive velcro. I attached the brad, then adhered the top flap and then attached the 2 pieces of velcro stuck together to the flap. I pressed hard to close and stuck the piece in the exact position of the front piece of my clutch.

Attach your ribbon handle or wristlet.

If you want to see more of these little clutches - like I said everyone is making them - just Google top note clutch purse and check them out!


  1. These directions can be bought thru email on Gretchan Barron's site. I purchased them & the layout's fantastic!!

  2. This looks so much like leather! Of course, since the Big Shot can cut leather, I thought that's what it was til I read your post!