Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swap Warning!

Swaps are arriving at my house daily.

But today there was a bit of a disappointment in my mailbox.

WARNING: These photos are graphic and viewer discretion should be used....

These technique swaps are not ruined - thankfully - but will need to spend some time under the encyclopedias!
Always mark your swaps with DO NOT BEND on both sides!
Please take care when sending handcrafted materials through the mail - I'm sure my mailman thought this was a magazine or some papers that could be bent without harm.


  1. yes, too bad about the swaps---C.P isn't always kind with envies. I sure missed out on a great swap!

  2. Love your graphic warning - viewer discretion advised! I agree!!
    Phew thank goodness they were safe :)
    Jen DiMarco

  3. lol - Marie you are so funny. Glad they were okay.