Sunday, August 2, 2009

In Colour Ribbon "Trick"

Maybe you've already figured this one out but for me it was like a light bulb went on in my head!
I love the new Stampin' Up! In Colour Polka Dotted ribbons but sometimes the dots aren't always appropriate for the "feel" of the card.
I know - hard to think that dots might not be appropriate. But maybe there might be an occasion for no-dots?

If you're using In Colour inks and paper you want to coordinate right? What to do....


The back side is a lovely grosgrain that will coordinate perfectly with your paper & inks WITHOUT THE DOTS!!
ps. I know it doesn't work for bows but with some well placed mini dots it could work for knots!


  1. OMG Marie! Fabulous to point out - two ribbons for the price of one!
    Cheers! I'll touch base when I'm home.


  2. Lol Marie! This is too funny! Here's when I found out - I read the post on Jo's blog a while back about how the new In Colour ribbon is 2 for the price of 1 since you can use it both ways. Or she wrote it something like that...
    Anyhow, when I met up with my downline later that week - I mentioned it as we were making cards and I said - has Jo gone off her rocker or have I? What on earth was she posting about?? I just didn't get it!! Then my downline took my ribbon - flipped it over on the card sample and said LOOK NO POLKADOTS! We laughed and laughed!! Goes to show you that I am **SO VISUAL** You have to show me both sides!!! lol.