Sunday, May 30, 2010

Simply Adorned Charm Insert Swap

I recently participated in Kathryn Curtis' Simply Adorned Charm Insert Swap and these are the ones I got back.  HERE is a link to the post showing the inserts I sent in for this swap.
There were several categories for this swap but I chose the one for inserts to fit in the Stampin' Up!  1 1/4 x 1 inch sized rectangle charm (also shown in the photo with a bracelet). 

I have since decided that I'm going to get a necklace chain instead for this charm - it's kind of bulky on the bracelet - and I have ordered some smaller charms for the bracelet.

There are only 10 shown here - I did get 11 back but one was a duplicate.

Below are 3 inserts that DO NOT fit in the charm. 
Something to note when swapping or making inserts for this charm - it has to be FLAT so brads, pearls, rhinestones do not work! 
Also it MUST be the right size - no overhang - to fit in the charm so that it will close properly!

Not to worry though - I'm going to remove the brad and add glitter and/or crystal effects to give it the same look without the bulky brad!

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