Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flowers - Carnations

Have you seen these super easy carnations?
Here's one I made today with scrap yellow cardstock.
Lately I've seen lots of pretty flowers made out of felt, old sewing pattern paper, newspaper, old text books, ribbon, tissue paper, metal etc...

I just love the look of them!

I've been trying them out when I can.  I've done paper roses before - click HERE to see them - but I haven't tried the carnations so today I thought I'd make some.

Would you like to make some too?

All you need is 3 same sized scalloped circles cut out of card stock (any colour), a brad and a paper piercer.

If you're using coloured card stock you can skip this next step if you want but I was using up some white scrap paper so I decided to ink the edges in a soft pink tone.  Do this BEFORE the next step.
Next step is to crumple up the scallops, roll them around in your fingers, rub them on the edge of your desk whatever you want to do to distress them and break up the paper layers.

Once you've got them nice and pliable you can use the paper piercer to separate them into 2 pieces.
Take your 6 pieces - fuzzy side up - and stack them.  Not right on top of each other but a little off set like below.  Poke a hole in the  middle and add the brad.
Now start crumpling up the layers...
Until your satisfied with the look of your carnation!

How easy is that?


  1. Sophia TzemenakisAugust 2, 2010 at 1:28 AM

    Love this idea, Marie! I will definitely be trying this one!

  2. Such a beautiful carnation! I too am going to try this one. Thanks so much. Hugs,

  3. Really pretty! I think I may try it too, same as Sophia and Carla!!

  4. OK - these are fabulous, I'm totally giving these a go myself :O)