Saturday, July 24, 2010

For Priscilla....

Today I took a class with Elizabeth at Scrap Arts (see THIS POST for the cards I made). 

In the class one of the other customers (Priscilla) asked me how I organize my greeting stamps. 

The sad truth is that I do not.  I've tried and the best I can do is put all my greetings together by theme (for wood mounted singles or clear acrylics) or for unmounted rubber in a Greetings storage box.

But she asked specifically about how to keep track of the greetings that come with Stampin' Up! mixed sets? 

How do YOU keep track of those and remember what you have?

Well at the time I didn't have an answer but on the drive home - yes in the quiet of my car I like to brainstorm - I remembered THIS POST that I did for Crafty Storage.

It's a bit time consuming but once it's done what an awesome resource it would be!

So Priscilla if you're reading this please check out what Gretchen did and maybe that will inspire you to do the same.

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