Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A CASE of a Card!

I CASED a card from Mary Brown.

Instead of the dark gray accents that Mary used in her card I went with Chocolate Chip. 

 I didn't have the same greeting so I stamped this one from the Afterthoughts stamp set from Stampin' Up!

Check out this bow!  If you know me you know that I am a knot girl - I cannot (well could not) tie a bow if my life depended on it.

Can you believe that I actually tied this one myself?  Isn't it beautiful???

I followed THIS TUTORIAL from Ilina Crouse but I didn't have a cute husband on hand this morning to help me. 

Let me tell you it was quite a challenge and I could NOT do it with my own fingers. 

So I took out some recycled plastic (this is an old notebook cover) and made myself a template of my own two index fingers!

Check this out!

You can stop laughting now - I know it looks weird - it works and it's FREE!


  1. Aren't you the clever one! Your bow is awesome and thanks for sharing that tip.

  2. Awesome Marie! and you're right, it turned out beautifully!! Now we'll all be out giving each other two fingers.. ROFLMAO!



  3. It may look funny, but the bow doesn't! Thanks for the link to the tutorial... I'm hoping I can make one look as good as yours!

  4. Hi Marie...!
    Your Bow is Beautiful!!!!
    I do could NEVER make bows till I found this cute litte tool (Bow-Easy) on a blog I follow. Here's the link;
    Hope it come thru to you.
    Love your Card!!!
    Dotty A