Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pearls and Possibilities

I did a class with Shelley from Scrap Arts this past week. 

Shelley is so accomodating and patient...

I was supposed to do this Monday afternoon but something came up and then we rescheduled for Tuesday morning but really that was no better!

So it was a mad dash - as usual I was supposed to be somewhere else and just popped in to the store to make the cards and then I was off again to taxi a kid somewhere or pick one up. 

S was practicing for her driver's road test (which she failed for speeding and she was hit from behind during the road test - seriously!) and J was in a JR Club Golf Tournament (he made it to semi-finals and then lost to the reigning club champ who is 5 years older than him!).

It was a hectic week for sure!

So I tried to cram in a relaxing card making session for myself and did as much as I could in 1 hour at the store.   I eventually finished these up at home.

I regret not taking photos of the sample cards to help me finish these but I think they turned out ok.

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  1. hehe, your schedule sounds as hectic as mine! Do I recognize some Graphic45 paper in there? Like the baby stroller? I love, love, love Graphic 45 and your cards are gorgeous!