Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday & Sunday Shop - Chalkboard Decor Elements

I'm always looking for cool and interesting things - aren't we all!

I thought the weekends would be the perfect time to share these with you so stay tuned for more posts on this.

For today's Saturday and Sunday Shop I want to share with you this cool new chalkboard I bought for my craft room.

I've put it up in my craft room/office/den right beside my clock so I can see it when I'm sitting at my computer.

It's a chalkboard Decor Element with a THINGS TO DO overlay in white that I just got from Stampin' Up!

There is also a calendar overlay but I really like this and can't wait to add some THINGS TO DO to it to help me manage my time better!

Click HERE to see all the Decor Elements in the 2010 2011 Definately Decorative line from Stampin' Up!

I also got this Finial Ruler Decor Element to apply to my desk top so I don't have to search for a ruler all the time
That makes 6 Decor Elements in 1 room.  Is that too much?

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  1. I love the Things to Do & Chalk board Decor Elements and I'm thinking about getting them... just have to decide where I'd put them. Yours looks great! I'm sure it will help keep you organized.