Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whatever Wednesday - Ink Organization

Why is it that by this time in the week the kids (both teenagers in high school) give me so much grief in the morning about getting up and out the door for school?

Seriously I'm ready for a drink by 9 am!!

I guess that's why Wednesday is called HUMP day!  So tough to get over the hump and then it gets easier in anticipation of the weekend.

Well enough of that!  Let's get on to today's topic - Organization!

This is one of my favourite pastimes - organizing my stuff.  GROAN!!!

Today let's talk about storing ink pads.  How do you store your ink pads?

I used to keep mine in shoe boxes.  SERIOUSLY!!!

I can tell you that some colours never got used because it was the favourites at the top of the box that were grabbed the most.

I was so thrilled when Stampin' Up! came out with the Colour Caddy.  By that time I needed 2 of them and the extender kits! 

And if I remember correctly I "gifted" them to myself for Christmas!!

The one on the right holds all of my current Stampin' Up! Inks and refills and the one on the left holds my "other" inks and refills (Stazon, Brilliance, Kaleidoscope and retired Stampin' Up! inks).  Yes other ink pads do fit in this caddy!

These hold 60 ink pads each.  I keep both on them on the top shelf in my craft room. 

I put them here originally to keep them out of the kids' reach and now that the kids are older it's not an issue but this is where the caddies live and it works for me. 

And YES they do SPIN around on the shelf and NO they don't BANG into each other.  I was lucky that this built in had adjustable shelves and was deep enough for these.

To help keep my inks organized I used Stampin' Up!s word window punch and punched out labels for the side of the ink pad.

I downloaded the Ink Pad and Ink Caddy Labels from Organized Stamping  HERE.

It's easy to keep them organized this way and I can quickly take inks in and out and know when one is missing.

Now this is just one way to store your inks.  There are lots of other ways - I've seen repurposed cassette cases, custom made units, Ikea products etc.

So if you've got your inks in a shoe box or somewhere else and you have the room you might want to consider bringing them out so you can see what you have and USE THEM more!


  1. Love this system - works great for me too... Only thing I do different is to use a bitty stamp and stamp the color once on the left and a second time, without re-inking on the right, so I have a quick reference for second generation colors as well. I also write my color on the inside of the open pad (at the bottom) so I can see quickly what color it is if the pads are open - nothing like mixing them up in the middle of a project!

  2. I invested in the Colour Caddy last Sale-a-Bration, and I'm so glad I did! I love being able to keep the colour groups together, and it's so easy to find what I'm looking for now. I highly recommend it as well!

  3. I would love to print those labels for the caddy! But the link brings me to and says I'm not invited, do you know what I'd need to do?