Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's been a while...

I have been a bad blogger!

I cannot believe it's been over a month since I last posted anything.  Where has the time gone?

Is there anyone still coming to my blog?  Well if you are thanks for checking on me.

I am doing well but I've been very busy with the kids - DD applying to universities and DS has taken up snowboarding - as well as getting ready for our quick vacation before Christmas and then of course Christmas.

During the holiday season I attended a pot luck staff crop at the ScrapArts store.  It was a combo Christmas/Birthda/Farewell celebration.

We did Secret Santa - here's the gift I brought and below a close up of the tag I made for it

I learned to make the looped bow HERE on Sandi McIver's blog. Her's looks much better than mine!

And we celebrated my birthday (I got a $1,000,000 gift card to Winners!) as well as Naomi's (she got $2,000,000) and Kelly's going away (back home to Australia).

ETA 12/29/10 - Some of you are wondering about the amount of the gift card I received.  It really wasn't for $1,000,000 that's just what Shelley wrote on it as a joke.  But she didn't tell me how much was really on it.  So when my DD and I went to Winners I did march up to the cash reg and asked the girl to confirm my $1,000,000 gift card.  She laughed and then told me it was $50.  I bought myself 2 belts and new top!

I haven't been doing much stamping these days but I did prepare some samples for an upcoming class at  the ScrapArts store.

It's called Feel the Heat: Heat Embossing Techniques.  Stayed tuned for the class samples in a separate post.


  1. Hi Marie did you really mean this:"(I got a $1,000,000 gift card to Winners!) as well as Naomi's (she got $2,000,000)" If so how do I get a gift card to winners for $1,000,000. Wow that would be fun!!!! Have a great day.

  2. I was wondering the same thing! A million dollar gift card?